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Windows Phone

With the advancement of technology, windows phone has enabled the users to reuse their existing visual studio and .NET development skills and good sever infrastructure so that can extend applications to phone devices and also a great user experience and capability to solve upcoming business issues. These days consumption of windows phones have seen remarkable business graph as allow you to create awesome applications and games. Among the leading windows phone firms, Technolab Software Technologies functions as a professional windows phone development firm in India which provides an impressive range of affordable and top quality phone application development services.

Our expert and skilled team provide end-to-end solution for windows phone application development to our worldwide windows phone clients. Windows phone is a very simple and advanced technology today in phone platforms, and holds familiar operating systems. In your routine life, you must have experienced the Microsoft Windows software such as MS Office, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint, MS word and several others with their finest abilities enabling to browse the web pages, e-mail, and other smart phone features and functions. Our vast experience and expertise have created a unique space in the windows phone apps development, and recent windows phone 7 application development.

We provide hire windows phone apps developer service where you can surely taste the proper utilization of newest technologies like Microsoft .NET. With our windows phone apps developers you can assure of 100% Microsoft reliability. Our highly qualified and expertise team provide apps development on vast windows OS platforms like Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 Our development team delivers applications which are robust, reliable and easily updatable for future enhancements as per client’s requirements. We believe in pure business commitments, and on time delivery of apps projects.

Have a look on our Offshore Windows Phone Development Services:

  • Windows Custom Phone Application Development
  • Windows Phone Web Development
  • Windows Phone Software Development
  • Windows Phone Software Maintenance
  • Windows Phone Porting
  • Windows Phone Migration
  • Hire Windows Phone Developer

Have a look on our Phone apps developers working platform for windows phone:

  • Windows phone SDK
  • Windows phone 7 and 8 versions
  • Newest Microsoft Windows Phone 7
  • Windows CE
  • Pocket PC phone edition
  • Pocket PC 2002 and 2003
  • .Net Framework
  • MS Visual Studio .Net


Our Windows Phone Development team has expertise in developing the following apps:

  • Enterprise Apps
  • Business Apps
  • Making enhancements in MS Office Phone
  • Providing rich API support
  • GPS and Location based Windows Phone Application
  • Work Order Management Facility
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Providing GPS Connectivity
  • Apps for navigation and communication
  • Utilities Apps
  • Vehicle tracking services
  • Local Search and location Search
  • SMS Advertising
  • Phone Social Networking …………………….and many more


Technolab Software has expert team of window phone apps developers with extensive industry experience of windows phone development. Our windows phone apps developer holds years experience and knowledge about application development of various phone platforms which help our clients to offer its users the ease of use and user enabled applications on their window phones.


So, if you are looking to outsource your Windows Phone Development requirement, look no further than Technolab Software Technologies!!